Hi everyone….if anyone is even out there reading this. I have decided that little ol’ me would share my opinions and thoughts with the world. Not just in the blog about my everyday life kinda way either. I know we get too much of that in the world of Facebook, MySpace (does anyone use that anymore?), Twitter, etc. I am here to try items out and review them….good or bad, I will give my honest opinion. I am not here to bash companies, products, etc…just to give a consumers point of view. I will also give feedback about things that some people don’t even take into consideration, shipping times, packaging of products, etc. I am the type of person who reverts to a child at Christmastime…everyday….when the mail arrives. I eagerly watch to see if I have received samples, packages or other goodies, and promptly take them out (most of the time even more the mailman has reached my neighbor’s yard). I love mail. Sundays are sad for me, because I have no surprises. So….this is my idea…I would love to review items. I, as a stay at home mom, am not able to pay to purchase many of these items (although I will include reviews of items I have purchased myself). If you decide to join me on this journey, you may learn a thing or two, and may get some great deals and advice along the way!!!