This is a review I am reposting from my previous blog, the original post was done in May 2010, I have added some more info after using the vacuum for several months. Enjoy!!

Here is my review of my new Shark Vx3!!! I got the vacuum yesterday in the mail (yay!) and it had to charge for 20 hours as an initial charge. I was so anxious to use it but wanted to maximize battery life. So after using it this afternoon here are my thoughts.


– works great, especially getting up dog fur (even though sometimes you have to go over it twice)

– LOVE the “backsaver” feature, under my sofa is cleaner than it has been since we bought it!!

– Using it on carpet is as easy as using it on bare floors. I had shredded paper on my carpet (from cleaning out my shredder) and it picked it up quickly and easily.

– It is quiet, so much so that even on bare floors, I could “vacuum” under my DD’s swing and she stayed ASLEEP!!!! That is a gem in itself!!!

– My DH’s comment when I was vacuuming on the carpet was “It doesn’t stink!” Our vacuum is rarely used, often cleaned out and still has an unpleasant smell when it’s run….no problem with that here!!!

– Maybe this is just mine but the trap door to the dust cup doesn’t open by itself, you are supposed to push the button on the handle and empty the dust cup without touching it, mine doesn’t do that. Not a big deal, just saying.



***EDIT: After several months of using this vacuum and LOVING it I found a few other things that I wasn’t fond of.

– Hair is easily wrapped around the side brush (picks up items along walls, baseboards, etc) which causes the side brush to jam and need to be cleaned out quite often.

– The battery last shorter and shorter amounts of time, in September (after only 4 months of use) I could barely get my house vacuumed, whereas before it would last through several cleanings.


Overall, I still very much enjoy this vacuum and prefer it to sweeping!!! It is definitely nice to have and worth the $$$, just be prepared to give it routine upkeep and cleaning.