I am your typical first time mommy…..I went into Babies R Us and fell in love with a $200 crib set, never mind the fact that my daughter has only used the comforter a few times for tummy time when she was little. It’s beautiful…..I love the feminine look and feel of it and “HAD” to have it for my princess. We had the crib all set up before the princess was brought home and I was so proud to bring her in and lay her in her beautiful room, completed by her crib set. When my daughter was about 3 months old, the hubby and I had put her down for the night and were watching TV when she started screaming this blood curdling scream….I had only ever heard her scream like that once before and it was when she got her 2month shots. I knew this was a pain scream. We flew into the bedroom and she was laying in the crib SCREAMING. I tried to calm her down and a minute or so but no luck, I went to pick her up…only to meet resistance. It took a minute before I realized her finger was completely wrapped by a string from her bumper pad. Her finger was VERY red, and I had to break the string to get it unwound from her finger. She had a good slice in her finger from where the string was so tightly wound. It took about 10minutes to get her (and myself) called down, and after I laid her back down I went to find Cocalo’s customer service email/phone #/something. I sent them an email immediately and received a response first thing the next morning. They ended up sending us a replacement crib set (the complete set) and asked for us to send back our set so they could see what had gone wrong. They also sent us a free matching hamper for our inconveniences. Their customer services representatives were very sweet (which I appreciated, as a hysterical first time mommy). And I know with my next baby I will GLADLY buy from them due to their outstanding customer service and promptness in resolving the matter. So if you are looking for beautiful bed sets and want a company that stand behind their products check out: http://www.cocalo.com

P.S.- just to be safe I do routinely check my daughter’s crib bumper for rogue strings and have had to cut off ones that come loose pretty regularly, but I would rather do that than have this happen again!!!