I have purchased several times in the amount of $100’s of dollars in merchandise from www.wholesaleaccessorymarket.com. I am not one to give up on a company/restaurant/etc after 1 unpleasant experience, but this time I am making an exception. I placed an order with them on December 5th, and had several items that were supposed to be embroidered, because of the I was told it could take 5 days to finish the embroidered products. Last week I had not received a shipping confirmation so I decided to check the status and it said “In Shipping”. I thought PERFECT (usually from order time to delivery to my door takes about a week or so)!!! 3 business days go by, I still have no delivery email, so I check the status again….still “In Shipping”. At this point I call to ask what’s going on, and I was assured by the representative that my order would go out that day or the next day AT THE LATEST….she repeated this to me twice. 2 full business days later, I call again (still no delivery email), and I am told that my order was “Lost in Shipping”, when I ask what that means she said “Well it’s lost”. I ask her to explain since I have still not received an email saying it was ever put out for delivery. She then says it was lost in their shipping warehouse and had to be “re-printed and re-shipped”, she repeats this for me twice. I am then told that the item was shipped immediately and that she had spoke with the manager who signed off that the package would be rushed (I should get it in 1-2 business days via UPS). 2 full business days go by again…still no package, the status still says “In Shipping”….I call ready for a fight. I ask for the manager immediately, and reach her promptly. She gives no cordial greeting, simply says “Your order will be delivered on Monday, December 20th (1 full week after I was first promised). I explain to her (reading from the notes I had taken from speaking with each representative) what I had been told and she says I must have been mistaken. I assure her as I repeat for her what I was told and she says that’s not what Kelly (the representative who promised me the rush shipping) said. I ask to speak to Kelly, the manager puts me on hold, comes back about 2 minutes later and says she is on the phone with a customer placing an order. I tell her that I will hold to speak with her, she then tells me that she asked Kelly about our conversation and Kelly told her that I was a liar. I said “excuse me? I am reading verbatim what your employees told me”, and she said “You are a liar”. I was flabbergasted. I told her I would not be doing business with them in the future, and she said “That is fine with us, we don’t need your business anyway”. I assured her I would let my other boutiques friends know about their abominable behavior and treatment of clients and she said “Honey, you can’t hurt us”.


Long story short, there are many places to buy wholesale goods. I do not need to spend my $$$ for them to treat me like crap. So, if you will, please join me in boycotting a company who has apparently forgotten who pays their paychecks.