I LOVE Samples….and I love even more when there are samples that I can give my hubby to try (since it seems like so many are for us ladies, hey I’m not complaining, just pointing out the obvious)! Now let me start of saying I have always rolled my eyes and laughed a little when the commercials for Axe deodorant, body wash, etc come on. For goodness sakes, it’s DEODORANT!!! BUT!!!! Let me say, that stuff is amazing!! My hubby is not one to wear cologne, he just doesn’t prefer it….when he tried the Axe deodorant he smelled like what I imagine those models/actors in People magazine smell like. Plus, he loved it because it was super long lasting, with no need to reapply!! So…ladies….if you have a significant other who doesn’t like cologne but you love the smell of smelly good stuff….have him try Axe!!! I don’t think you will regret it 😉