I have seen many places that sell the pre-packaged dips, soups, gravys, etc…but have never tried them…until now. I was lucky enough to win one of Amy’s “Baked Potato Dip” from a Facebook giveaway a couple weeks ago. I decided to save it to use for my family’s annual Christmas Eve party. It was a HUGE hit!! Everyone loved it!!! We used it with tortilla chips, but it could easily be used as a dip with any snack food (veggies, chips, etc). I was not sure how much it made (the package specified, but in my head that didn’t sound like much)….but BOY was it!!! We had a lot left over, which we refrigerated and it was good for days! My mom even commented that it would be great as a topping for baked potatoes!!! It was super easy to make, I used 1 small tub of sour cream and added the packet of mix, and presto!!! Dip done!!! I highly recommend Amy, and her fantastic company….I also hope to purchase some pre-packaged soups and things soon!!! Be sure to let her know I sent you!!

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/AmysGourmetCupboard

Website: www.amy.thegourmetcupboard.biz