**Warning: if talk about bras makes you uncomfortable this post is not for you


First off, I hate bras. Sad, but true. Yes I have gone to places like Victoria’s Secret and paid over $60 for a bra, and hated that one even more. Many times I find myself in camis with built-in bras as opposed to snapping on an old “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder”. I became a fan of “The Coobie Store” on Facebook several months ago and they had a giveaway where they gave away a bra. I was one of 10,000 or so lucky fans to get one. Now remember when I said I hate bras? Let me rephrase….I have hated every bra I’ve ever worn….except this one. Coobie bras are AMAZING!!! They are pull over bras that are super soft and supportive. They are SOOOO comfortable I often forget I am wearing it and feel as if I am wearing my trusty camis. Yes ladies, they are that good. I got a “one size fits most” one, but they also have plus size available. Now as my Victoria’s Secret bra sits in my drawer silently rotting, and the lace catching the wood of the drawer every time I open it, causing me to silently curse VS to myself….this bra….this COOBIE bra, has found a loving home. Be sure to stop by their Facebook page and their website to show them some love and order what, in my opinion, is the most comfortable bra you will ever own.


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Coobie-Store/203420217252

Website: http://www.shopcoobie.com


** And for those who may be wondering….no I will not be posting a pic with this one 😉 **