I received a sample of the Tide Washing Machine Cleaner and decided to use it. I have had my washer approx 4 years and never knew I should “clean” it. Granted, I wipe it out occasionally but I never thought about “cleaning it”….somehow I figured the detergent and water sloshing around and rinsing through the pores would do that….anyway…..I used the washing machine cleaner and LOVE LOVE LOVED the scent!!! It made the house smell fresh and clean and still was that way after several days. Even after I did a wash load, the scent was still fresh. I have read reviews about people complaining that their next wash loads were ruined, I did not experience that, and I also did not experience the trouble of build up or clogging that others experienced. All in all, I would say it was a great product!!!

Do I plan on using it again?? Maybe, if I get another free sample in the mail, but otherwise I think my detergent and water from a wash load does the trick ;)….of course that super fresh, clean scent is definitely a bonus!!