My daughter has a stick pony that I got at a yardsale that has definitely seen better days, so when I got some product credits after playing a Facebook game with “Manely Recycled”, I figured this was the perfect time to upgrade!!! She has a great selection of ponies made out of recycled materials (not to mention she welcomes custom orders)!! This is awesome because she is able to save and reuse felt, scraps, etc and repurpose them to make some beautiful ponies that children will love and treasure for years to come. Another feature of her ponies that I appreciate is shortened sticks. This prevents children from using the sticks as weapons and encourages them to be used as they were designed :).

The other day a package arrived in the mail and I opened it to find my princess’s new pony. She was taking a nap when it arrived so I sat it against the sofa waiting for her to wake up and find it. As soon as she saw it she laughed and ran over to give it a hug. Immediately after she turned the pony upside down and proceeded to sweep my floor with it’s beautiful mane…..(I can’t get mad at the kid for cleaning!! LOL). Here are a couple of pictures of my princess and her pony:

This is her in her playpen sweeping the bottom with the pony’s head

Her checking out the stick (I think it passed her test, hehehe)

Her giving her new horsey a kiss

A silly face, but this was mid-kiss

Soooo….if you are interested in buying a precious pony for your little boy or girl be sure to stop by and check out Manely Recycled!!!! Here’s the links, and be sure to share some love from us!!!