First off I would like to warn anyone reading this that this review is about cloth menstrual pads for women. There will be some talk about that, so if that makes you uncomfortable this may not be the best post for you!!!

I must admit that I was VERY curious about mama cloth/fluff from the moment I heard about it. Reusable cloth menstrual pads in ADORABLE designs that don’t leak?? Sign me up!! Well I was given the opportunity to try out and do a review of a sampler pack of mama cloth from Randumosity. Jami, the owner of Randumosity sent me a pack of 3 pads. One of their 10″ pads, one of their 8″ pads and a liner. I feel like I must add that I had just started cloth diapering my daughter that same week so I felt like I was really rocking some cloth!!!

The idea is simple, instead of buying multipacks of heavy overnight, overnight with wings, scented, Always, Stayfree, etc….mama cloth makes the decision easy!!! You buy the size pads you want, you can even have them customized with ADORABLE materials, and then you wear and wash!! Easy!!! Plus, you aren’t throwing used pads into a landfill (or your bathroom trashcan for your dog to fish out and shred all over the house while you are MIA…yes this did happen to me….). I filled a small container with several inches of water to soak the pads in after they were used. I also rinsed the pads in cold water immediately after each use to remove any excess residue. ALWAYS rinse/soak in COLD water, rinsing or soaking in hot water will set the iron in your blood causing a stain.

I didn’t mind doing any of this at all…I admit at first I was a bit squeamish about doing it, but it really didn’t bother me anymore than wrapping a pad in toilet paper and then picking up it’s shredded scraps all over my floor 😉

When it came time to wash the pads I washed them in COLD water using a non-bleach, non-fabric softener detergent (I used Tide), and did a 2nd rinse to make sure all potential detergent residue washed out. All of the pads did amazing, the only one I had a slight issue with was the velour pad (the pretty blue one in the pictures). While I personally preferred the feel of this pad, the material seemed to hold onto the residue more than the others. I washed it and sat it in the sun and it “sun bleached” perfectly. All pads were used several times and are obviously well made and the best part LEAK PROOF!!! Since having my daughter my monthly visitor has not been as “light” as she used to be….(sorry if that’s TMI, I warned you, LOL!!). I was very worried (and excited) about trying the mama cloth and seeing if I was able to be “contained” in it. Much to my surprise and pleasure, I was!!! The way the pads are constructed with bamboo, super absorbent centers made it effortless and I soon realized my fears were unfounded.

Sooooo….if you are looking for a way to reduce some of your waste, or even ways to “green” your life, consider Mama cloth!! If you have any questions Jami and the ladies over at Randumosity are EXTREMELY helpful and prompt in answering any of your questions!!! Be sure to let them know we sent you!!! Here’s a few pics of the perty stuff we got to test drive!!



























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