First let me preface this by saying deserts are dry….you know those commercials you see where it shows this cracked landscape and it pans back to reveal that is someone’s skin?? Yeah those could be me. I have always had extremely dry skin, especially on my “T” zone on my face (forehead and nose). I have tried MANY different lotions, creams, etc over the years and never had anything that worked. Before my wedding my mom even splurged and got me an expensive tub of lotion from an upscale dept store (this review isn’t about the store or that lotion so I will not name names, although I will say it worked as well as the Walmart lotions I had used before).

I received a sample bag of health and beauty items from Target and was hesitant to try the lotion. In addition to having dry skin, I also have very sensitive skin, so sensitive that many facial lotions/soaps/cleansers cause me to look like some “Before” picture in a Proactive commercial. However I tried it, and am I ever glad I did!!!

For the first time EVER I found a lotion that does not break me out, it also actually does exactly as the label suggests (gasp!) and HYDRATES my skin!!! My skin stays that way for DAYS (yes I tested this), not just minutes like so many before it. As soon as I used the sample I had to run to my nearest store and get the JUMBO pump bottle of this lotion. I ❤ it. For once in my life I don’t have to worry about touching my face/forehead and having scales cascade down the front of me.


Don’t believe me?? Check out the link to their product page and try this for yourself!!!