First off let me say that I am relatively new to Cloth Diapering. We just started cloth diapering my 18month old within the last month and a half or so. Before that she was a disposable diaper baby from the hospital to our transition. When I first started cloth diapering I was amazed at how many people are super picky about patterns and brands of diapers. All I wanted was to have a stash large enough to cloth diaper my princess full time and be able to get away from the chemicals in the disposables. I was given the opportunity to test a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) Diaper and she even allowed me to custom make the diaper of my dreams!!!

After I tested her diaper for about 3 weeks I finally decided to fill out the survey she had sent when my diaper was created. Here is that survey:
How old is your baby? 18months

How much do they weigh? 28lbs 7oz

How tall are they? 36.5″ tall

What was your initial impression of the diaper? Gorgeous diaper, I love the print and the pink velour inside!! It was a princess fit for a diaper!!

Please comment on the fit of the diaper.

Around the waist: Great size and easy to customize!!
The rise: PERFECT!!! We have had a hard time finding dipes tall enough
Around the legs: Amazing!! They fit great and we had no leak issues!!

What rise and waist settings do you have the diaper on? There were 2 snaps in between the waist setting and we had it on the tallest rise option

Would you say your baby has room to grow? She does definitey have room to grow in the waist and I believe it’s tall enough that she could grow some heightwise too.

Please comment on the snap settings.
ex. are they too close together? too many? not enough? I felt they were in perfect positions.

Please comment on the quality and construction of the diaper. LOVE the print, and the overall look of the diaper. It seems like it will last a long time!!

What do you like most about the diaper? I love the print, the velour inner and the inserts!!!

What do you not like about the diaper? I was not fond of the netting in the front, it left marks on my daughter.

Improvements that you think could be made. Have the pocket open in the back and get rid of the mesh netting.

Please comment on our customer service. EXCELLENT!! You were SOOOO helpful when it came to helping me choose which dipe was best!!!

Would you recommend Buggy Baby Bottoms to your friends and family? Why or why not? Absolutely!!! Great service, gorgeous dipes and great construction.

As this is the first time we’ve worked with bamboo we really need your feedback on the inserts. They seem to work great, I usually pair them with a microfiber insert so I can’t say for sure….

How did they hold up in the wash? Great, the flannel “faded” quicker than I was hoping, but I think that’s natural with the flannel

Are they as absorbant as you would like? Absolutely!

Do you have to use both the insert and the doubler to get the results you need? Yes I usually use both of them or sometimes the doubler and a microfiber insert.

Do they need more layers? They’re currently three layers each. I think they are good the way they are.

What do you think about the size of the inserts? I think they are great sizes, easy to customize to what we need.

After using the diaper does your initial impression match your current impression of the diaper? At first impression I was petrified to even use the diaper, it was GORGEOUS!!! I love the way it works and take every opportunity to show it off to people!!!

Please rate the following from 1-10 (with one being low and ten being high):

Fit: 10
Absorbancy: 9
Construction: 7
Customer Service: 10

As you can see from the review, I loved the diaper. The only thing I was not “thrilled” about was the netting on the front inside of the diaper (just at the top), but in talking with her, I have found they were looking to no longer do that!!! YAY!!!! As soon as I opened the adorable decorated package that I got in the mail (see pictures below), I felt as if I had gotten something that was SUPER personalized and much love and thought went into it and it’s packaging. The diaper itself took my breath away. I immediately had to run in to show it to my hubby and even HE was VERY VERY impressed with the diaper. He said that this was truly a diaper fit for a princess!!! I admitted to him that I didn’t even want her to wear it, God forbid she poop in the gorgeous pink velvety inside!!! O.O But I finally relented and allowed her to wear it, it’s a SUPER soft diaper that fits her PERFECTLY. An issue we have had with other diapers is that since my daughter is so tall (she’s the height of a 3yr old at 18months), the “rise” of many diapers are too short. This is not an issue I will have with this diaper, she has plenty of options to raise and lower the rise to suit my daughter or a shorter baby with ease. I still love this diaper and smile every time I see it in my stash!!!! Here are a few pictures of my beautiful custom creation:













































Drooling yet?? Be sure to stop by Buggy Baby Bottoms and check out her ABSOLUTELY adorable, well made, custom diapers for you, your little one or as a one of a kind gift!!! Be sure to share some ❤ from us!!!


ETA: I just got my 2nd diaper from BBB in the mail today and LOVE IT EVEN MORE!! The one thing I wasn’t thrilled about last time has been replaced!! NO MORE NETTING!!! ❤ the ladies at BBB!!!! Here are some pics of my newest fluff mail!!!

The beautiful artwork on the box:









My ADORABLE diaper, wrapped in matching tissue paper!!! ❤