I received a diaper from “Haute Bottoms” to test and give feedback for them. I used the diaper, washed it several times and shared my review with them. She said she would not mind if I shared my review of the diaper….First here is a picture of the diaper I reviewed:

We use many different types of diapers in our home. We have tried all-in-ones, pockets, fitteds, etc. The denim diaper I received from Haute Bottoms has quickly become one of my favorite diapers in my stash!!! My husband has even made numerous comments about how well made, well fitting and adorable this diaper is!! My daughter is very tall, but thin, for her age and sometimes we have a hard time finding a diaper that works well for her. This diaper is PERFECT!!! I hope to get many, many more for my daughter and any future children we may have. I wish Haute Bottoms was closer to us (They are located on Prince Edward Island, so it takes a little bit to get the diapers, WELL worth the wait though!!) because I know then I would have a hard time not ordering diapers constantly!! I LOVE this diaper!! After several washings of the diaper it is still soft, and looks AMAZING!!! I highly recommend this diaper and look forward to doing business in the future with Haute Bottoms!!

Are you looking to try cloth diapering? Looking to expand your stash?? Look no farther for ADORABLE, well made, affordable diapers!!!

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Website: http://hautebottoms.com

Email: hautebottoms@hotmail.ca

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