UPDATE 1/18/16: I just wanted to add that I tried another wrap after this review and I did not notice many results. I also tried the drink mixture (Berry flavor), Stretch Mark Cream and Defining Gel. I was very disappointed with all to be honest. I used the stretch mark cream and noticed no difference at all. I wasn’t planning on using it as a review, so no pictures to show the lack of effectiveness. The drink mixture was okay, not sure how much it did (since I only had 2 samples to try), but to me it tastes horrible. I drank about 1/2 of the drink the mixture made and discarded the rest. The mask was my favorite item of all that were tried. I feel the wraps leave room for error when measuring to figure out results. I hope this helps for anyone who visits this post looking for more info on “It Works!”. Bottom line, if you want to give it a try, go for it, but I don’t feel there is a miracle product out there (unfortunately) 😉

ORIGINAL POST (unedited):
First  off I want to start off by saying this review is very difficult for me. Part of the reason is because my stomach is the body part I am most self conscious of, yet it was the part that I felt would benefit the most from the items Amber Cole sent me to test and review. Amber sent me an amazing, informative packet with brochures about the It Works company, a letter with detailed instructions on how to use the products, an Ultimate Body Applicator and Facial Applicator. I was very excited to try the “It Works” products to see how well they work. I have heard amazing stories and wanted to see for myself. Here is a picture of all of the goodies she sent me:

First I will start off with the Facial Applicator…here is a picture of me fresh faced and makeup free before applying the applicator:


Sorry to scare you all 😛 LOL!!! So you are instructed to cleanse your face, prior to application, I found the applicator easy to apply. I did find that the lotion wasn’t evenly distributed but that can be remedied some after you remove it. Also, another note, I would wait until after your kids or hubby are asleep or atleast until you are able to not talk or anything for the 45-60min that you use the applicator. I used it for 45 minutes since I have relatively sensitive skin, and didn’t want to over-expose myself to it. Here is a picture that I call “Hannibal Lector”, I laughed at myself after putting it on….what do you think??

Whew, I warned you atleast with the Hannibal Lector comment!! 😛 So I left the applicator on for 45minutes, after 45minutes was up I removed the applicator and discarded it. Then I was instructed to rub in any excess lotion into my skin. I did so and I was GLOWING!!! My cheeks were also slightly flushed but that only lasted about 30minutes after the applicator was removed. Here is a picture of my “AFTER”:


I LOOOOOVE how smooth and moisturized my skin is!!!! It’s been about 8hrs since I did this and my face is still like silk!! It’s amazing!!! The only downside that I could see was that even after rubbing in the excess lotion there was a slight buildup on my face. I ended up washing my face about 1hr after I removed the applicator (allowing time for the remaining lotion to soak in) to help remove what felt like a buildup. Otherwise, it’s a great product and seems to work well on semi-sensitive skin as well (MAJOR plus for me!!)!!!

Okay….now I am moving onto the Ultimate Body Applicator…..I will warn you, these pictures may be “gross” to some, but this is my post-baby body and although I am not proud of it all of the time, I’m proud that I was able to take this small sacrifice to bring such an amazing blessing into this world. So, without further ado…I would like to present one of the items I enjoyed the most in this awesome package….


This ADORABLE pink measuring tape!!!! How cute is this!?!?!?

Okay so with the help of my handy dandy measuring tape I took my “before” measurements. Now I measured at my belly button, 2″ above and 2″ below. My measurements were:

upper: 35″                                  middle: 38.5″                           lower: 40″

Here is a picture of my before….


And from the side:


Then, I applied the Ultimate Body Applicator, this was VERY easy to apply and secure onto my skin, it then tells you to help hold it in place by using plastic wrap, tight fitting clothing or elastic wraps….I had Spanx (body shapewear) so I used that…here’s a picture of the applicator after it was applied and the Spanx:



I wore the applicator for 45minutes, as instructed for a first time user. I will mention that I LOOOOVE the “spa-like” eucalyptusy scent of the applicator, it really made me feel like I was pampering myself!!! I did notice a “cooling” sensation when I had the applicator on, it was not uncomfortable or painful AT ALL, it was just cool…almost like when you put on Aloe Vera or Vicks. 45 minutes went by and I had to keep myself from measuring throughout the 45minutes :P. Another thing you are told to do is drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water to help flush the toxins from your body. Part of the inch loss that people experience is due to the detoxifying that is going on!!! So anyway, after the 45minutes I removed the applicator and discarded it, I then rubbed in the excess lotion and took pictures. I could notice a difference in the appearance of my stretch marks immediately (not sure if it shows that well in the pictures since the flash may have made them seem more prominent). Here are my measurements for 45min, 24hrs and 72hrs after the applicator was removed:

45minutes:upper: 35″                            middle: 38.5″                            lower: 39.5″ (0.5″ loss)

24hours: upper: 35″                               middle: 38″ (0.5″ loss)               lower: 39″ (1″ total loss)

72hours: upper: 35″                               middle: 38″                               lower: 39″

So total loss for me was 1.5″!!! Not bad at all for something I only had on for 45minutes!!! I definitely noticed a difference with my skin texture, stretch marks, etc as well, which is definitely a plus!! I can definitely see that using these more often could bring about much more significant results!!!
Here is a picture of my AFTER:

I know I have already talked to quite a few people and encouraged them to try these products out. Amber is AMAZING, she is VERY helpful and supportive!!! If you have ANY questions about “It Works”, their products or how to order send her a message!!!

You can find her:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/blissfuleighiced

Website: blissfulinchloss.myitworks.com

Email: blissfuleighiced@gmail.com

Not to mention, check out the AMAZING deals their “Loyal Customers” can get, from 20-50% off products!!!! DEFINITELY worth the $$$ and the savings!!!

Thanks for checking out my review and be sure to swing by and share some ❤ with Amber from SarcasticandStraightforward!!!