I will start off by saying I am traditionally a pretty boring person in the jewelry department. I wear my wedding rings, 2 pairs of earrings that I never change, and a necklace that never comes off that I received when my daughter was born. However, when I first saw posts on Facebook for Origami Owl my interest was peaked.

For those of you who do not know Origami Owl has what are known as “living lockets”. Their lockets are magnetic which allows the wearer to insert charms of different types, style their locket with dangles, plates, tags, and more!! I have seen so many creative couplings of the charms to create lockets made in honor/memory of a loved one, weddings, births, special occasions, unique interests, etc that I found myself wondering what my locket would consist of. 

Luckily for me I got the chance to host a party with Wendy Pittman, an independent designer for Origami Owl, and she even donated a locket and 2 charms (thank you Wendy!!) to help me see for myself what Origami Owl is all about. 

So, I started off my choice with the large silver locket with crystals, added several charms: owl, January birthstone girl, star, “I love you” (sign language), and the camera, topped off with a large silver “mom” plate. Here is a photo of my finished locket:


I also, for comparison, got a medium sized Rose Gold locket, and added 2 March birthstones, an April birthstone and a puffy crystal gold heart. The medium locket is a great choice for those who feel the large locket (which is approximately the size of a quarter) is a bit too large for their taste. Here is a photo of the two lockets:




The medium locket holds approximately 4-7 charms (depending on charm size) or up to 15 birthstones and is plated with 18k rose gold measuring in at approximately the size of nickel!!! The large silver locket by comparison holds approximately 7-12 charms and is stainless steel, hypoallergenic and will not rust or tarnish. I chose the large silver locket for myself since I am sensitive to many different metals, and want something that can stand up to everyday wear and tear.

I have to be honest….these lockets are MUCH more stunning in person than they appear on the website or even in the catalogs. They are a nice weight, which makes them seem even more like a substantial, quality piece of jewelry. The charms stand out easily against the clear glass or even the plates if you decide to add one. The only “con” I’ve seen so far with the jewelry is that the “mom” plate spins inside the locket as I wear it, so sometimes the “mom” is hidden under the charms instead of at the top where I place it. A concern I initially had, which has been unfounded up until this point, was that the magnetic lock wouldn’t stay closed. So far I have had NO issues at all with this. The closure seems secure and while not impossible to open in the occasion where you want to change out/add to your charms, it holds tight and makes me feel more confident that my charms are safe.

The entire ordering process was very easy, I placed my orders directly through Wendy and paid via PayPal (my preferred method for most purchases), and the orders were delivered very promptly arriving at my doorstep within a week of placing the orders!! We did have a minor communication issue with which size locket was originally ordered, but Wendy did an amazing job and had my new locket sent to me the very next day!!! 

I have already received NUMEROUS compliments on my locket, as well as my mom was literally in tears when she saw the rose gold one I had made for her. The living lockets are not “just jewelry” they are a keepsake, they are something living, changing and growing just as your family and memories evolve. I look forward to continuing to celebrate and honor the milestones and things I love in my life by adding them to my living locket.




Try it out first….host an Origami Owl party through Wendy, she can set you up with one for free and in just a moment. Show your friends and family the beautiful lockets on your party page. These would make EXCELLENT gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, etc. I can’t think of an occasion that someone would not be delighted to receive one of these beautiful pieces. After you get your lockets, let me know what YOU think. I’ve shared my experience and my personal love of the diversity that they can display….share what YOU want in your locket. After all, it is YOUR story!!


Contact Wendy Pittman today for more information:
Phone: 678-438-4206

Facebook: www.facebook.com/scentsy.wendypittman

Website: wendypittman.OrigamiOwl.com