Okay, so I just may be one of the only people of my generation that while I do tons of online shopping, selling, etc I thought making the switch to using the internet for my eye care needs to be a bit….scary? I’ve gone to the same optometrist since I had my first eye exam in 2nd grade. So while I had heard commercials and things for 1-800-contacts I thought it would be odd to not use my normal optometrist.

Finally I decided to do a review of the products/service of 1-800-contacts. After talking to Britton a Social media coordinator he wanted me to call and place an order with the customer service reps without telling them I was doing a review. Personally I LOVE that he suggested and was on board with this…he wanted me to review what REALLY happens to a run-of-the-mill client when they contact 1-800-contacts for service. Soooo….here is a review based on notes I took during my interactions with 1-800-contacts.

I called the normal 1-800-contacts number listed on the website and had the pleasure of speaking with Kelsey, she was very friendly and professional and made me feel like I was a valued customer before I even WAS a customer. I asked all of the questions I had (What brands do you offer? Do these vary in any way from contacts received at an optometrist’s office? What if the contacts just don’t fit/feel right? Etc….) Now I also disclosed to Kelsey that I had been wearing my current pair of contacts for just over 3 years…..yes you read that right. I had been wearing the same pair of 30 day disposable contacts that I received after a routine eye checkup 3 years ago EVERY SINGLE DAY, ALL DAY, for 3 WHOLE years. Kelsey was amazed that the contacts hadn’t torn, weren’t uncomforable, etc. I asked if they had the brand I had been wearing for the last 3 years since they obviously work well for me and they DID!!! I went ahead and ordered my contacts with fingers crossed. Kelsey informed me that they would need either a picture of my prescription (Rx) or they could call the optometrist to confirm, I told her I had the Rx and she gave me a number to text a picture of it to.

I sent the picture of the Rx via email at 9:08pm 3/7/13 and received a confirmation text at 9:11pm it read  “Thanks for sending your Rx! Everything looks great and your order will ship first thing tomorrow! Have an awesome night, Melissa!” 

I was offered expedited shipping (2-3 days) for $8 extra but chose to do the “standard shipping” route to see how that is, for those who are not able/willing/etc to pay for the expedited. 

I got a shipping confirmation email at 11:48am the NEXT day!!!  (Only 14hrs after I placed my order!!!)

I received my contacts on 3/12/13 via standard shipping, just 5 days after my order was placed. The contacts were well packaged and included contact cases. 



The only negative I experienced throughout the entire transaction was that the website said “FAST FREE SHIPPING FOR A LIMITED TIME” with no immediate mention of minimum purchases….when I looked at my statement I was charged $6.99 for standard shipping since apparently the “FREE SHIPPING” offer is only for purchases over $50… order was $47.99…..and there was no mention about the cost when I placed the order. After doing some searching I see that there is FREE SHIPPING for all web orders when doing “Standard shipping”. I contacted customer service and they apologized for the confusion/charge and I was refunded the $6.99. Something you may want to mention if you see the “FREE SHIPPING” and decide to call is to say you saw the free shipping and ask if you place the order over the phone if that will be honored. If not, it would most likely to get any questions you may have answered and order via the website. 

To place your 1-800-contacts order today visit: or call 1-800-contacts!!

I know that I loved the ease and efficiency of ordering and from them and know you will too!! Let me know how your experience goes!!!