Most of you may know from my previous posts that I am an auburn-head….in summertime my pale skin burns quickly and easily. I know this, I’ve had 30 years experience with my skin so far and I have yet to had something different happen with it. Despite the facts, I am one who rarely if ever uses sunscreen. That has changed….I finally found a sunscreen that is light, breathable, doesn’t clog my pores or irritate my sensitive skin, and best of all it WORKS!! Coppertone CLEARLYsheer comes in a spray on form or lotion and both are equally amazing. I first tried the spray on form when my family and I were at Busch Gardens and I needed some protection for my 2month old’s sensitive skin as well as my own. I was a little nervous at first to use anything on his skin since little ones can break out easily. The spray applied evenly and I let it sit to dry and both my little guy and myself were protected without the overwhelming greasiness and “sunscreen smell” you normally associate with protection. CLEARLYsheer is so light, breathable and pleasant to wear that I have NO ISSUE wearing it, I have put one of each in every bag we carry normally (our diaper bag, our Busch Gardens book bag, my 2nd diaper bag, purse, as well as in the car…just incase HAHA). The lotion is creamy and smooth, and applies evenly without feeling caked on like most do. Again it doesn’t have the greasiness that I normally associate with sunscreens and was so breathable I forgot I had even put it on!! Both options definitely have their perks, but they offer optimal protection without negative side effects.

The moral of the story….if you have kids, sensitive skin, or just a normal aversion to sunscreen in general Coppertone CLEARLYsheer is an AWESOME solution. Throw away the bulky old lotions and give CLEARLYsheer a try!!!!   I am a Bzzagent and was given free samples and coupons to test out for Coppertone. Want to become a Bzzagent? Comment with your email, I have space to invite 6 people to join.

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