I am someone who LOVES mail days!! I love them even more when I can smell the deliciousness before I even open the package!! Here is a picture of the contents that Meghan sent me to review for her new company she works for called “Perfectly Posh”

Perfectly Posh offers Cruelty-free, never animal-tested, no petroleum ingredients, items made in the USA. Their products are loaded with nutrient-rich butters, oils, and other natural ingredients. The best part is every product they offer is UNDER $25, and if you buy 5 products you can get your 6th product FREE (of equal or lesser value)!!! 

So Meghan sent me some samples and full-sized products to try out and review for you guys. Let me just say, I have tried quite a few “beauty products” in the past but these are BY FAR the best smelling ones I’ve ever come across!!! Here are the items I used as well as my reviews of each:

– Lil Snarky Hand Creme: this creme is very smooth and softens even dry hands immediately, the best part is that it doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky feel on your hands after application!!

– Moisturize 11: I used this cream on my dry, peeling post-sunburn skin and it made it super soft. It is a nice thick cream that has a very pleasant citrusy scent!!

– Perfectly Posh Big Bath Bar: I will say that I am normally a Body Wash/Shower Gel type of girl….that being said I am STILL using this bar even though I used it for several weeks (long enough to formulate my review)…the best parts of it are 1) it seems to last FOREVER!!! Even after several weeks of use it is still just about as large as it was when I first started using it!! No disappearing bar here!! 2) It makes you feel squeaky clean (literally!!) 3) It smells AHHHHMAZING!!! I almost didn’t want to take it out of it’s wrapper and use it because I liked just going in and smelling it before I started the review of it 4) It suds up REALLY well, this is one reason I tend to shy away from bar soaps, but this one is great!!!

– Stripper- Detox Body Mud: The body mud is very easy to apply and remove making it a virtually mess-free regimen. I applied it after a shower and kept it on for 10minutes and loved the fresh, tingling sensation I had when I used it. The next morning my skin felt refreshed and soft. Here are a couple pictures of it in use:

– Sister I’m a Poet- Body Butter: This body butter is nice and thick so it coats and moisturizes really well!! Has a very pleasant smell that lingered but was not overpowering!

– Brazilian Bombshell- Body Butter: This body butter has an amazing smell (see I told you I loved the smell of everything I tried!!) It was nice and thick and covers the skin evenly while working well to moisturize even dry skin!

– Berry Jam- Body Butter: This is true to it’s word, it has a very berry smell (honestly it smelled good but was my least favorite smell of all for some reason, not that that means much since most of the smells I could have breathed in all day because they were so delicious smelling). It was nice and thick like you would expect form a quality body butter and evenly smoothed over skin.

– BFF- Best Face Forward Exfoliator: I’m always a little hesitant to use lots of products on my face since I usually tend to have sensitive skin but this exfoliator worked well without the irritation. It is not overly gritty, it lightly does it’s job without the need of being overly abrasive. I LOVED the spa-like smell and cooling/awakening sensation it left!! Here are a couple pictures of my “before” and “after”:

– Snarky Bar: As a direct contrast to how soft many of these products are the Snarky bar is not one to mess with. This is the most effective exfoliator I’ve ever used, but it’s also the most abrasive. You don’t need to put any elbow power when you use this product since even the smallest section of it can be mighty!! It has a pleasant scent and was slightly misleading in the fact that when I wet it in the shower it felt “softer”, then when I used it to exfoliate the dry skin on my legs and feet it was a BEAST!!! This product is PERFECT for anyone who needs a super strength exfoliator or just something that you know will get the job done. Just make sure to use on non-sensitive areas (ex: not on your face especially!!!)

– A Peel to Me- Body Scrub: I used this in the shower as well and was surprised that this is more of a gel-like composition than many body scrubs I’ve used in the past. That makes it easy to apply and it works well!! I used it on my arms since they tend to need light exfoliation at times, it worked well and had a very good scent!

Now, I decided to save my favorite product for last. I wish I had taken pictures of this but I had NO IDEA how much I was going to love this product. I get my dry skin honestly, genetically it’s just something that’s a part of the package. Especially on my “T” zone my skin can sometimes look as if it’s never seen moisturizer before in it’s life. While the purpose of this next product is, in fact, not specifically to moisturize it is BY FAR the most amazing facial product I have found. The description for it is as follows: “There’s an anti aging magic wand for youthful, nourished skin. A sophisticated blend of CoQ10, natural cell generating oils, and powerful peptides plump and fill fine lines and wrinkles.” I personally used it after I got out of a shower and my skin on my forehead was flaking horribly. I figured…why not? So here is, in my personal opinion, my FAVORITE Posh product:

Sweet Young Thing: Of course, like all of their other products it smells amazing, it’s VERY easy to apply and INSTANTLY smooths and moisturizes and makes your skin look like new. As soon as I applied it all of my previously flaking, extremely dry, damaged skin was smooth, soft and flake-free. I literally stood in front of the mirror in awe….again if I had ANY idea of the transformation I would have taken pictures to prove my point (which I may just have to do because I fully intend to purchase this product over and over…..hmmm I wonder if they have bulk gallon jars available for purchase….). 

Suffice it to say, I was not disappointed with one single product that I tried and reviewed. I am a harsh critic and normally I would try to find at least one thing that I could say didn’t match up to my expectations but I was blown away by several of their products and found each one I tried to do exactly what I expected (or far MORE!!). With Posh you can purchase items as an individual or host an online/in-home party and earn rewards that way!!! To set up your party or place an order for any of the products I reviewed or many more that are on the site please visit: www.perfectlyposh.com/meghanm

If you have any questions about Posh products or how to order simply click here to contact Meghan directly!!! Be sure to let her know Missy from Sarcastic and Straightforward sent you!!! Once you order your products be sure to stop back by and let me know your personal favorites!!