I had been seeing for awhile the advertisements from different companies (Citrus Lane, Bloom, etc) that offer monthly subscriptions for boxes of items customized for your kids. I loved the idea to get a surprise in the mail of items hand picked for their age group! Recently Citrus Lane offered a code that gave $10 off a box and you would receive a bonus box in addition!! I figured this was a great time to try the subscription to see if I liked what was included in the box. Signup was SUPER easy and stress-free. You basically add your kids to your profile and specify their gender and ages so that items can be customized to that age group. I decided to put my 6month old son as the recipient so I would get some items to use for him for Christmas.

I placed my order on September 25, 2014 for a total of $19.00, the order shipped on October 8, 2014 and I received the boxes on October 18th, 2014. I had contacted Citrus Lane in that time because there was no mention of the bonus box on my account nor did I receive a shipping notification for the bonus box. The first person I spoke with said it should be shipped out around the same time ask the monthly box and I should receive it within a few days of the other box. I then asked if there was a tracking # for the bonus box, and the next representative said that the bonus box shipped with the monthly box.

I received the boxes today and loved that upon pickup up the box I could hear jingling inside. YAY!!!! I was excited to open them to see what was inside that sounded so fun!!!

The outside packing box included my 2 boxes inside!!! Here is a picture of the boxes:
I loved how I felt like I was opening something very special with the packaging 😀

My monthly subscription box had a neat assortment of items in it: a “My First Football” plush football, a bell, a Caterpillar book about “Trucks and Diggers” and a little baggie with samples.

IMG_4571IMG_4572I thought the football was cute, and my almost 5year old loved the bell 😀 I think it has a neat assortment of items, although I’m not sure if I feel like it’s worth the “full price” of $29….the cage bell runs around $6, the football runs around $7, and the book runs around $7. Of course my estimate is based on what I found through searches to estimate values.

Let’s move onto the “Bonus Box”! Here is a photo of what was included:
IMG_4573For some reason I was excited about the “Cool it buddy”, it’s not like I’ve never seen an ice pack, I just thought it was really cute. Value wise, you can buy the “Cool It Buddy” on the manufacture’s website for $2.99, the Hide and Seek board book is on Amazon for $6.29 and the wooden ship toy  retails for $9.99 on Hape’s website. I am a big fan of wooden toys and practical things so I think out of the two, the bonus box was my favorite.

I spent $19 for both boxes with the bonus code I had, and I received approximately $40 worth of items. I feel like I got a good deal, but I do not think I would have felt that way if I was a regular monthly subscriber of $29/month (they do have discounted packages if you pay for multiple monthly boxes ex: $24/month for 3 months, or $21/month for 6 months). Since this was my first time receiving their boxes I am not sure how this month’s box compares to “normal” or if I got a more limited selection because of the deal. I doubt that is the case though since I feel like the deal is an incentive to make people WANT to sign up for the subscriptions and I don’t see people doing that if  felt like they weren’t receiving their money’s worth.

I do admit though, I felt like I was opening something special and the packaging and all made me feel like this was a special arrival. My husband, almost  5 year old and I hovered around as I opened them, so it was a neat experience. I’m sure my little guy will enjoy his gifts when he receives them at Christmas 🙂

Bottom line…..would I continue a subscription for $29/month? No. I plan on canceling my subscription (it automatically renews each month if you don’t cancel it), but I have spoken to others who have received their boxes in the past and they said there is no hassle in canceling and they have often stopped and restarted subscriptions if there was a good code/discount/etc.  I do hope to try them again someday and see what a box for my almost 5 year old would contain!!