I want to start off by saying, I am NOT a girly girl. Dressing up is not “fun” for me, I would prefer to be in jeans, a hoodie and Toms any day! I live for comfort and spend most of my time focused on my family and making sure they are comfortable, happy and provided for. Recently I talked to a Jamberry consultant, named Jessa, that I met through my daughter’s school and she encouraged me to host a party. This was not the first time I had heard of Jamberry, I had a friend who sold them years ago, and still “follow” several pages on Facebook who sell them. This was, however, the first time I decided to try them….

When I put on my first Jamberry nail wrap I was hesitant since I am an occasional nail biter and usually try to divert attention AWAY from my nails, instead of to them. I used an accent nail on my ring finger and painted my other nails with Piggy Paint and top coat. Below is a photo of my nails after my first application.
My daughter also wanted to try them, so we did an accent nail for her as well. Since these were samples we were given we did not have the different sizes available to us, so we made do with what we had. Here was her first try:
As you can see with her’s we did a thumb nail accent and painted the rest of her nails. Unfortunately she wasn’t sure what to do about them and we found out that using the alcohol prep pads did not work well enough to “clean” her nails properly before application. Within 24hrs her wraps had come loose and she peeled them off. After talking to Jessa, we tried washing her hands with Dawn dish soap, buffing her nails with a dry paper towel and then rubbing the nails with vinegar. Afterwards we tried another application:
IMG_4310Her 2nd application lasted for 13 days!!! It most likely would have lasted longer but we received our order and she wanted to try something new 😀 Here are a few shots I took of my nails to show that while the Jamberry wraps looked amazing, my nail polish needed to be redone every 2-3 days and it still looked subpar:
IMG_4334 IMG_4309
The jam berry wraps were still going strong at 12 days, but when I had to repaint one time I figured I would change to a new wrap:
1779806_10152821860843478_7532437104619576639_n 1960000_10152821861038478_1526674812322552372_n Needless to say, I was amazed. I didn’t expect the wraps to stay on after one day of washing my hands, doing dishes, baths, etc much less almost 2 weeks later!! My daughter loved them as well and was always talking about them. While I was “testing” the wraps I hosted an online party, here are the rewards I got with my party and then I can share an update picture of the first time I applied the Juniors jams to my daughter, and a full set to myself 😀 Here is my picture of the rewards I got from the party: 6 sets of nail wraps, a mini-heater (LOOOOOVE!!! This makes application SOOO much easier!) and a bottle of nail lacquer:
IMG_4606Here are pics of my sweet girl and my new full set manicures, I have white tips on, and she has on the florals from the Chevron Blooms set:
IMG_4604 IMG_4607
So, after lots of pictures and all, I have to say I do love Jamberry nails. I was so hesitant at first that I almost didn’t use them, but I am SO glad I did!! A couple of people in my party had issues with shipping (not the fault of Jessa) or a mixed up item in their order, but Jamberry was VERY quick to resolve the issues and make it right. Overall I was very pleased, and I look forward to my next order!!

**UPDATE: soooo….I loved Jamberry SO much that I became a consultant!!! Jessa is my team leader and she’s awesome, but now I can help you with all your Jamberry needs!!

Want to contact me and ask a question, set up a party of your own, or place an order? Click on the link below!!

Jamberry website: http://missydouthit.jamberrynails.com

Email: stepgirl@cox.net