I am a stay at home mom who also happens to be a photographer while taking care of my daughter during the days. She is the light of my life and although it sounds cliche, I never knew I could love that much before I met her. I am a very honest person (ask anyone who knows me in real life, hahaha), and enjoy sharing deals, information, etc…hence the reason I started this blog. I plan to post reviews of items I purchase, win, have donated, etc and give honest, straight forward reviews. I have no angle other than to share what I find. I am not here to bash any businesses, simply give my opinion on the topic. As you can see with several reviews  of items I have tried that I was not thoroughly pleased with, I also shared their good sides.

If you would like me to review one of your products please feel free to contact me at: stepgirl@cox.net

I would love to work with you to give real-life feedback on your products and help get your name out!!!